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Root Ball Removal

Root Ball Removal Livingston, NJ Tree root balls are a common problem on properties that have old and mature or overgrown trees on them. In some cases, tree root balls can be easily visible above the ground and can become a safety concern in the landscaping. They become a safety hazard and impact the overall appearance of the landscape.

In situations where large roots are growing under the ground, and they too can create a significant amount of problems. These can become a hindrance when you are undertaking a patio or deck installation or want to upgrade your landscape with features such as flower bed planters, retaining walls, driveways and walkways.

Importance of Tree Root Ball Cutting

It isn’t uncommon for certain species of trees to continue to spreading & growing even when the tree has been felled and cut down to a stump in the ground. These fast growing root systems can severely impact foundations, underground piping, driveways and septic tank systems. We at Timberland Tree Service LLC are a full-service tree care company that can provide excellent tree root ball removal services when you need them. From our base in Livingston, NJ we have been servicing all of Essex and Morris County since 2005.

When Stump Grinding isn’t deep enough, our root ball removal service will remove the fallen tree’s root system allowing for replacement trees. Our complete services will repair the damage area and help you replace your shade tree and lawn so your yard can get back to looking beautiful. Clients from in and around Newark, Montclair and Belleville trust us for all their root removal requirements.

Over the years, we have built a very strong base in Fairfield, Millburn, and Morristown. Our experts have catered to clients that require root ball removal services in Hanover, Madison, Montville as well as the surrounding areas including Denville, Summit and beyond.

Why Hire Professionals For Tree Root Ball Removal?

  • Tree root ball removal isn’t a job that a layperson can or should handle. Using heavy-duty stump grinding machines is dangerous work, and can be a sure-shot recipe for disaster in the hands of novices.
  • While some property owners do try to hire this equipment, it can be quite expensive. In addition to the rental costs, you need to factor in your time, as well as insurance and fuel expenses.

The simple fact is that the professional will be able to handle the job more efficiently, safe and professionally. If you try to handle this task yourself, you risk doing a lot of damage to your lawn, paths, fences and other structures

Custom Tree Root Ball Removal Solutions

Some trees can be extremely invasive, and it becomes important to expertly remove the entire root system along with a tree stump when the trees are felled. When you hire a professional like us for root ball removal in landscapes, you can rest assured the project will be completed to the highest safety standards. We use the latest commercial-grade grinding equipment and have significant amount of experience in residential and commercial operations.

When you are looking for a reliable and credible tree services operator for root ball removal or any related solutions, we at Timberland Tree Service LLC are the company to call. You can request a free estimate via this page or call us at 973-768-2287. You can send us queries about emergency root ball removal cost or other services via this Contact Us form.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns and surrounding areas in NJ:
  • Livingston, NJ
  • Newark, NJ
  • Montclair, NJ
  • Belleville, NJ
  • Fairfield, NJ
  • Millburn, NJ
  • Morristown, NJ
  • Hanover, NJ
  • Madison, NJ
  • Montville, NJ
  • Denville, NJ
  • Summit, NJ
  • Dover, NJ
  • Randolph, NJ
  • Hackettstown, NJ
  • Stanhope, NJ